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FOMEX Trades (FOMEX Limited) is totally legal private investment company incorporated in the United States. FOMEX Trades offers its clients a profitable investment opportunity in trading futures in the commodity market, the stock market and the foreign exchange market as well as in a relatively young cryptocurrency market. Namely operations in the volatile cryptocurrency market give us the greatest profitability. The professionalism of our traders and analysts allows us to notice trend changes timely and take measures to correct the trading strategy, which leads to an increase in the number of successful transactions. FOMEX Trades highly draws attention to safety of its clients investments. It means that our analysts and experts in economics and finance do a huge work of monitoring, analysis and forecasting the situation on the markets. Their recommendations allow to respond quickly to processes occurring on the exchange, so there can be no price fluctuations which cause negative consequences. Every client who made an investment in trade with us can be sure that cooperation with us is a guarantee of deposit security, timely payment and stable growth of your income.

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Unparalleled performance

Over 24,785 operations executed every second, boasting order response durations under 1 millisecond.

Fortified security

We take careful measures to ensure that your cryptocurrency assets is as safe as possible.

Access and Support

Our utmost priority lies in implementing meticulous measures to safeguard the security of your cryptocurrency assets.

Trade with excellence.

FomexTrades has received prestigious international awards for its cutting-edge online services.

Discover fresh opportunities.

We are committed to offering our valued clients a wide range of innovative plans personalized strategies for success.

Increase profitability

Maximize your profitability with our competitive fees, rapid order execution, and advanced platform features.

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Profit %2.27

Daily / 15 Days
  • Boronze plan is a starter plan
  • minimum $160
  • maximum $5000
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Profit %4.27

After / 60 Days
  • Silver plan is a starter plan
  • minimum $2000
  • maximum $10000
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Profit %6.02

Daily / 90 Days
  • Plutonium plan is a starter plan
  • minimum $1550
  • maximum $60000
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With its consistent regular payouts, exceptional customer support, robust high-end security measures, FomexTrades has rapidly emerged as a widely recognized and trusted brand within the cryptocurrency mining community.
We empower our users to swiftly adapt to shifting market trends and capitalize on both ascending and descending price movements, allowing them to confidently engage in long and short positions on our highly secure and reliable trading platform.

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Frequently asked question

Purchases are possible with credit card, bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and bitcoin cash.
We provide a dynamic solution for our customrs. So you can change it whenever you want.
We prefer to transfer your share via bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and bitcoin cash due to transaction costs.
There is a simple way to do this. Just log in on your wallet on the computer with internet connection and immediately send funds to someone that you want to send. For this, you has no geographical borders.
There is no exact number of existing crypto-currencies. And this is because the code of crypto-currencies is an open source. This means that anyone can change the code and create the new version of crypto-currencies for him/herself.